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     Unmatched cleanliness! The cleaners were very polite and thorough. Everything looked incredibly sparkling. Super happy with the service and would certainly recommend.
Keri Sorrell18/07/2024
     The tech performed wonderfully and is a true asset to the company. Very pleased with the outcome and would highly recommend.
Ian Simpson08/07/2024
     The cleaning service was outstanding.
Margaret Stanley 20/06/2024
     I highly recommend the extremely good service from Upminster Cleaners.
     Fantastic service, highly recommend! Scheduling fortnightly cleanings was quick and effortless.
Winny Wonder31/05/2024
     The reliable and effective service offered by this agency has greatly impressed me. The designated cleaner flawlessly fits the client's expectations, resulting in timely work with a willingness to fulfill any extra requests.
Braxton M.17/05/2024
     Superb carpet and rug cleaning service! Remarkable attention to detail and consistent dependability make this house cleaning company highly recommended!
O. Potter16/04/2024
     The team's work was exceptional and I couldn't be more pleased. Their service earned a solid 10/10 from me. Thank you so much.
Shane Hodges27/03/2024
     We had such a great time with Carpet Clean Upminster yesterday. The individual who arrived to clean our carpets was delightful and did an amazing job, even though they were in dire need of cleaning after 6 months spent at home.
Will Keats11/03/2024
     My carpet has never looked better, all thanks to the expertise of UpminsterCarpetCleaners.
     Impeccable timing! Both interactions with them were excellent, delivering exceptional results right on schedule without any issues.
Fabian M.19/02/2024
     Twice now, I've had the pleasure of having the cleaner tackle my carpets in my new home. Despite having two pets that often make a mess, her work is simply amazing and she leaves my floors looking brand new every time.
A. Bryan18/12/2023
     I am thrilled with their cleaning team. They did an incredible job at my property, it is amazingly clean. I will be using their services in the future. Terrific cleaning company.
Ursula W.21/05/2020
      CarpetCleaningUpminster cleans your offices and homes without necessarily having you break your bank for quality cleaning. Great job, guys. I would highly recommend them to anyone.
     Two room flats have a lot of stuff shoved into them. Even a cleaner can clean that jammed a space. Carpet cleaning might not be easier in that small space, but they do a great job of it. I will use them for spring cleaning in the future!
Carl Owens03/07/2019
     I would definitely encourage anyone who needs carpet cleaners to contact Upminster Carpet Cleaner, they are cheap and very effective.
Lisa Anderson22/01/2018
     Having a cat and two dogs, it is a miracle they get along! From time to time, they fall sick all over the carpet so hiring a professional cleaner from Upminster Cleaning Companies makes all the difference. You guys are the secret weapon in my arsenal.
Natasha D.01/12/2015
     I find myself very lucky to know about UpminsterCarpetCleaners. There are very few cleaning companies in the area that give that level of professional service and that too, at such good rates. I have used them infrequently and at every occasion I found them to be extremely thorough and efficient. If you are looking for someone to clean you space, I would highly recommend getting in touch with them! They are definitely worth the money you pay!
J. Gooch18/02/2015
     Reliable and hard-working are just two words I would use to describe cleaners at UpminsterCarpetCleaners, who visit my office at the end of each day and work tirelessly until late to make sure the office is looking in top form come morning. This is a cleaning company that understands and appreciates the importance of having a clean and hygienic working environment and delivers every time without fail. I wouldn't change cleaning companies for the world!
Brian B.15/01/2015